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The Friday Review- GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

Well. This mask..

I have seen this product popping up across many blogs and all over YouTube for the last few months. So after umming and ahhing (mainly because the small tub of this stuff costs $78 AUD) I finally caved and made the purchase.

I have always tried to take care of my skin. I cleanse, tone, exfoliate, moisturise and treat. Everything. So as you can imagine I was almost creepily excited that this treatment was referred to as a “Pore Vacuum”. Sucking all the junk (apologies for the imagery) out of my pores sounded very appealing. My day job is in a workshop ( I know, the polar opposite of what you think a beauty blogger would do during the day) and I am genetically blessed (?) with quite visible pores. So my skin, as much as I care for it, does tend to get clogged and dirty- its inevitable. So a treatment like this, that I can use at home, basically pushed all my happy buttons (again- imagery, sorry)

I was not disappointed. Pore Vacuum is a pretty accurate description. I didnt know so much junk lived in my face. I had taken off all makeup and cleansed before application and despite that, my face was riddled with little dots of oil and muck being dragged to the surface. See below. (although in this picture the mask was still wet in places.)

I must admit, I had a mini heart attack. Although at the same time, I was relieved that it was being extracted from my face. I like a product that you can actually see working. It makes you feel like the money is well spent.

Overall I really like Supermud. I have been using it a couple of times a week for a little while now and I can actually see a difference in my skin. I look more vibrant, my pores are becoming more refined and it has even cleared up some troublesome acne that didn’t want to vacate its residency. I also have sensitive skin and it hasn’t caused any irritation, actually- quite the opposite. My skin is rather calm.

I highly recommend. If you can spare the dosh, do it. Especially oily/ acne skin types. GlamGlow also have another product called Youthmud- which, I believe, caters to normal/ dry skinned beauties.

Em x

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Findation your perfect shade.

Where has this been all my life.

I love the internet.
Amongst my web wanderings this week I happened to stumble apon the biggest website gold mine on the planet.
What is that May you ask? Well if you are like me and cannot be bothered matching foundations to your skin in the store and would prefer to go in with the exact knowledge of what shade you will be. This website is going to make you squeal like a little girl at a one direction concert.
All you have to do is input a brand or two of foundation you have and know your exact shade in. The website then works it’s magic and presto- a very extensive list of foundation options in your exact shade.
No more awkward foundation matching for me!
Em x

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Friday review- Happy Light

Ok, since this blog is relatively new I wanted to take the opportunity at the start of this post to let you all know I will post a review of new products I have tried every Friday (wew!) 
Hence the title..


Today’s Friday review will be on the Happy light foundation by Bourjois.

I am in love with the primer (matte) from this range. In passionate love. It is bordering on obsessive, as you guys would know from my YouTube channel (if you watch ma vids, if you don’t- you should! Here it is! click here for My videos)

So I thought I would give the foundation a go. Happy light Foundation has a really nice consistency, pleasant scent and is medium to build-able full coverage. It is not too dewy and not too matte, just a nice happy medium which I really like about it. 

However it has just come into summer in Australia and as a girl who battles with an oilslick of a face riddled with acne volcanic eruptions- I found that this product slid off my face by 2pm.

Not to say it would be like that for everyone- I think normal/dry girls will LOVE this product. Even I think I will enjoy it more in the colder months when my skin is not so oily. I will definitely be revising this again. 

So on a scale of Yay to Nay I give this an OK. It isn’t horrible, it isn’t fantastic. It is alright. 
But try it for yourself, maybe you will love it!

Until next time – Em x

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Three makeup steps you shouldn’t skip!

There are always going to be those days you just cannot be bothered putting on your face in the morning. Hell, I am there almost every weekday. But for one reason or another, you may have to look semi-acceptable and we slap on a bit of this and a bit of that to get by. 

Well I am here to tell you there are three things that you should never skip. 
Of course they are steps you wouldn’t think twice about if you were in a rush.

1. Primer.

Primer? Really Emily? I am in a rush and you want me to PRIME? I am half asleep and you want me to PRIME? 
Yes. Yes I want you to prime. What happens when you paint a car without priming it first? All the little bumps and imperfections show through and the paint isn’t going to be as vibrant. Your skin is the same principal (although a lot more fabulous, no doubt!)
It is one little step that is going to change the way your skin looks and the way your makeup sits. For girls with oily skin, a primer is going to make foundation have better staying power and not slide of your face. Look for an oil-free or mattifying formula. For girls with dry skin- look for an illuminating primer. It is going to hydrate your skin and stop your makeup drying up and caking. 
Bourgois actually have a new range (happy light) of primers that have two formulas accommodating differing skin types. It is an accessible and affordable brand, perfect for a priming newbie or even a pro-primer ( I am a huge fan- it may be in my November favourites vlog post, keep your eyes peeled on my YouTube channel! shh!).

2. Line the waterline with a white/flesh coloured eyeliner.

I don’t think this blog lady has any idea that I am in a rush and now she wants me to line my waterwhat?
The waterline is the inner rim of the lower lash line. If you are anything like me it was where you thought thick black eyeliner went back in the day (yay for the ninties). 
Keeping black eyeliner for a more dramatic look, try using a white or flesh toned liner in the waterline. It instantly opens up your eyes and makes you look more awake and vibrant. When I am tired or ill, my waterline goes a nice bright pink and it makes me look ten times worse than I actually feel. Even if you dont feel vibrant- this is the way to fake it baby. It takes two seconds and I guarantee, you will notice the difference.


Highlight? Isn’t that what you do on notes? Yes, it is what you do. its actually kind of the same principal! Instead of highlighting key points of an essay, you are accentuating the best parts of your face. Its basically faking the sun hitting your face perfectly. Highlighting makes your skin dewy and youthful, who wouldn’t want that?

They may seem like steps that can easily be put to the backburner in a rush, but trust me- your face will love it!

Em x

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Hi Viewers!

Welcome to my Blog!

Just to introduce myself, I am Em. I like Makeup and I put it on my face in YouTube clips!

Feel free to peruse my YouTube channel- here! 
or have a squizz at the clips in my sidebar!

I wanted to create a written blog to use for product reviews, tips and everything I dont film!

More to come! Stay tuned.

Em x

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