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Today’s face #1

Today is the simplest of faces. I am going to be poolside all day so I won’t be needing much in the way of makeup.

LA ROCHE-POSAY corrective and unclogging anti-imperfection care to tame the pesky blemishes that have surfaced and won’t budge.

Origins GinZing refreshing eye cream to nourish and de puff my under eye area.

Garnier BB cream miracle skin perfector for oily/combination skin to even out my skin tone without being to heavy.

And last but not least Maybelline baby lips in Rose Addict to hydrate my chapped lips.

Of course and SPF will be apples before any sun time!

Till next time.
Em x

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January 27, 2014 · 3:58 am

My Top 5 Masks for Acne Prone Skin.

Hi there my little potato cakes!

Today I am going to share with you my top 5 face masks for acne prone skin. I have suffered with acne for years, pretty much since I got into my teens. It isn’t a fun thing to have or talk about. It is one of the biggest issues I have with myself and it has effected my self esteem quite dramatically.

I deeply regret it now, but for the majority of my teens – probably up until I was about 20, I didn’t really look after my skin at all. I found that all the products I tried either irritated my skin or made my acne worse. Not knowing back then that even though I had oily skin, It was actually quite sensitive and the fact that most acne treatments make your skin worse before better. I feel like that decision has deeply impacted my skin today. My pores are very large and it is a constant battle to keep them unclogged, if I forget once to remove my makeup I have a mountain of acne the next day and my skin seems to adapt to treatments quite rapidly.

I am a huge lover of masks. Especially ones that do what they say on the label (funny- but y’all know what I am on about). I have a rotation of 5 that I use depending on the condition of my skin, what I am looking for at that time and the severity of my acne.


1. Arbonne RE9 Advanced Cellular Renewal Mask.

This is the mask I turn to when I dont have large pimples or severe breakouts but rather just an uneven texture to my face or I am looking a little tired and worse for wear. This little number is quite on the pricy side but is very good for resurfacing and making the overall appearance of the skin better. It feels a little tingly and can make your skin quite red for a few hours after use so I wouldn’t recommend this before a hot date. I have found that due to the fact this is a cellular renewing mask and works deep down into the layers of your skin, it makes you more susceptible to the sun – so I would limit this product to night use.


2. The Body Shop Tea Tree Face Mask.

This is my mask when my skin is broken out, red and irritated. It is quite cooling on the skin but still has the hard stuff to work on imperfections. Tea Tree is a natural acne treatment and I have found, one that is strong enough to reduce an angry blemish without creating an angrier face around it. Sensitive skinned girls will like this one.


3. Avene Cleanance Mask.

This is a mask I picked up by chance on a trip to Priceline. I was looking for a quick acne treatment as I had an event the next day and had run out of all my regular masks. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when I awoke the next day with a significantly clearer face. This surprise was also due to buying the product regardless of the fact I could only read enough of the label to know it was an acne mask (it is mostly in french) If you are after a quick fix, this is your mask, girl.


4. Origins Out of Trouble 10 minute mask to rescue troubled skin.

This is a great mask to calm aggravated, mountain skin before an event. It kind of smells like Vicks Vaporub (which is sort of a minty smell) and is quite soothing. It also helps with oil control and texture problems. It is basically the all rounder of my masks. I use this when I have a horrible problem face to when I just need to deal with my oily issues.

5. GlamGlow Supermud Clearing Treatment.

This expensive little tub of amazing is my favourite mask of all. The way this brings all the oil and imperfection out of my skin is as satisfying as pulling off a pore strip and inspecting it (Sorry- gross I know, but you all understand) I have a full blog review on this mask so check it out.

also- here is a cute picture of my cat, Percy – enjoy.


I hope that if you purchase any of these they work magic for you, my partner in Acne problems.

Till next time – Em x

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The Friday Review- Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse Foundation.

Foundation is my kryptonite. I tend to gravitate towards the bases rather than the eye shadows or the lipsticks. I dont know why, I just always have loved a flawless face over all the other stuff. A flawless face is like a blank canvas and I think that is why I like foundation so much- a great canvas is the key to any masterpiece.

I dont typically look to the drugstore for foundation. I find trying to match my shade in the isles of Priceline uncomfortable and stressful. I much prefer going to a counter or using (see what this is here). That way there is minimal interaction and stress. Get in, get coloured, get out.

However I had seen much hype floating around the interwebs about the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. It is exactly what it says, a mousse foundation that well- stays matte. It is super blendable and lightweight, which is brilliant for a matte foundation with a medium but buildable coverage. There is a limited colour range (as with most drugstore bases) but the shade I got (ivory) does match me quite well. The colours are quite neutral and due to its blendable consistency it can adapt to the tone of your skin quite well.

I am quite pleased with the durability of this product. I have a ridiculously oily complexion and I still get a wear of about 8 hours out of this bad-boy (acceptable wear- not my face is as patchy as a dalmatian wear). That is  a pretty long lasting product on me. I did get a tad shiny towards the end of that time frame, but hey- that’s nothing a little powder cant fix. Not since I found Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation have I been as impressed with a drugstore find. It is no CHANEL Mat Lumiere or NARS Sheer Matte, But I do really like it for day to day wear.

Overall I would recommend- especially for girls like me who have a hard time finding a foundation to stay on our faces. Image

Till next time- Em x

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The Perfect Nude.

I know this might be disappointing- but the nude I am referring to is the perfect nude lipstick. As elusive as Bigfoot, I feel like I have been searching forever for the perfect nude shade.

When selecting the perfect hue you have to take into account your skin tone. I have an extremely fair, cool skin tone and I have found finding a nude lipstick that complements that quite difficult. There is a few shades that I have found look decent on my skin- including LimeCrime Babette & MAC Creme d’nude.

I have found my nude love. In the form of Makeup Geek Innocent Lipstick.

IMG_0231 IMG_0253

the perfect mix of pink and peach. In love. Only Issue I have is that the consistency is very much like LimeCrime and the bullet of the lipstick breaks easily at the base, making application very difficult.

worth it.

Only Drama is that I cannot find it on the website anymore??? I am hoping it is merely a stock issue. I am on the lookout for a dupe.

Any nude shades you recommend?

Till next time- Em x


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The Friday Review- Frank.

‘I’ll love every inch of your bod, because that’s just the kind of guy I am..”

I am sure you all have seen the frenzy around this product. The coffee body scrub that has taken our Instagram feeds by storm. So what exactly is it?


Frank is Body Scrub is mainly composed of coffee beans with snippets of brown sugar, sea salt and almond oil. It looks like you have emptied the grounds out of your coffee machine and rubbed them into your skin (but obviously, it has much more to it.)

The instructions – get naked, get dirty, get rough, get clean. First you want to get into the shower or bath- this product is messy, and trust me- the little grounds all over your freshly mopped floor will aggravate you ( I speak from experience). Fear not- The granules disintegrate in contact with water so you wont have a shower floor full of coffee for a week.

Next is to scrub away. The product makes you look like you have dived into a pile of mud but I must admit as a coffee lover, the scent is very enjoyable. The scrub is extremely exfoliating- use it on your skin dry. I worked it all over my body and face, especially in the areas that needed it most- my knees and elbows. Frank is made to be used all over the body and on all skin types.

For optimal results, the instructions say to leave the product on the skin for 5-10 minutes. This is obviously when all the instagram selfies are taken/posted. I am guilty of using the time to take this little bad boy-

After the development time all you have to do is rinse. All the little granules melt away (apart from the little pesky stragglers in my hairline!) and you are left with buttery soft skin. For oily girls (like myself) if is recommended to follow with a cleanser/bodywash to remove any excess oil, which I did.

I am extremely happy with the results. My skin was so, so soft. I also havent had any problems with acne flair-ups or oily skin afterwards. The skin on my body (which is very dry) stayed subtle for days.

I would definitely recommend this product. I only use it once or twice a week. As it is such an intense exfoliant, I think this is enough to avoid irritation. You know what they say- too much of a good thing is a bad thing. definitely worth the hype – I have nothing bad to say.

Till next time-

Em x

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Three Red Lipsticks I would sell my Boyfriend for.

I know the title seems a little bit harsh. I just wanted to get across the fact that you need these three lipsticks.

I love me a good red lip. Anyone who knows me, knows this. A red lip can take any outfit from frump to hump (heh) and instantly makes you feel sexier. I feel like a red lip is a woman’s secret weapon and if done correctly- can make men weak at the knees, women jealous and babies cry (totally in a good way?)

I am here to share my main three, my Charlies Angels of Red Lipstick.

OK I think you get I am serious now.

1. Limecrime Retrofuturist.
Oh man. The mother of all Lipsticks for me. My absolute favourite. Vegan, Not tested on animals and the packaging is purple with a unicorn on it. I mean really what is not to love!
This Red is so pigmented it has been on my lips the morning after a night out. I know what you are thinking and no, I didn’t pass out without washing it off (surprisingly). This was after makeup removal. Slightly tiddly makeup removal, yes. It is almost like a mix between a lipstick and a lip stain. Reapplication is only needed sparsely, mainly after a few too many champagnes. The only thing with these lipsticks is that the bullet itself, due to its insane pigmentation, is very delicate. As you can see from the above picture, mine has seen better days. Left in the sun- the bullet melted and warped.  The one I owned previous to this one broke after I applied that little bit too hard. I now generally apply with a lip brush. Still that shouldn’t sway you from purchasing. If you want the most vibrant, sex-on-legs red- this is your girl.

2. Estee Lauder Double Wear in #10 Stay Scarlet.
Probably the most expensive of the three.  Not as creamy as Retrofuturist but definitely as pigmented. The package alone looks expensive and I feel expensive wearing it. Excellent staying power, seamless colour payoff, minimal bleed with application and a flat bullet. It is truly gorgeous. I find all of the Double Wear collection to be quite good, actually. This is my favourite Autumn (Fall) red. The colour is slightly blood-red and is the medium between Matte and Creamy. This applies beautifully both from the bullet and with a lip brush.

3. MAC Ruby Woo (Matte).
 This is the most recent addition of the three. A deep red with a Matte finish. This is my go-to winter red. Extremely long lasting and also densely pigmented. I love a matte lip in general, especially for the colder months. I think is is extremely classic and sophisticated. This lipstick has the perfect bullet for straight application (well, all mac lipsticks do!). Matte lipsticks can be harder to apply as the constancy naturally makes a fluid movement harder. Kind of like pushing a magnet across the fridge without taking it off. This is a good thing as it makes it a lot harder to run out of the lip-line. I wore this to a wedding in October and only reapplied once. It is marvelous.

Give one (or all) of them a go, I can promise you wont be disappointed!

Till next time,

Em x

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New Years Resolutions, Sort of.

I am one of THE WORST at keeping resolutions. I always compile a list of resolutions with the best intentions and within the first week of the new year I have always caved or just completely forgot about them. I then find the list a few months later. Whoops.

So I thought I would take a different approach this year. Make resolutions I know I will keep. I am not going to vow to lose 20 kilos and be munching on cake as I wonder what went wrong. NOT THIS TIME, NOT AGAIN.

You are probably thinking, isn’t that the whole point of making a resolution? not if you are me. I am going to make easy resolutions. Resolutions so simple, when I keep them I will be impressed with myself. I am basically going to trick myself into achievement.

The list as follows-

1. Test new products for this blog and my YouTube channel.
An excuse to shop for review purposes? I am sure I can stick to this one.

2. Limit Alcohol consumption to Weekends.
This is an easy one, I am not a huge drinker anyway. This excludes a glass of champers at a mid-week special occasion, obviously.

3. Cull my wardrobe every season and donate the clothing to friends/ charities.
I tend to do this once a year anyway, so upping the anti every 3 months wont be that much of a stretch.

4. Take lunch to Work every day.
I take it most days, but sometimes laziness gets the better of me and I would rather spend 10 minutes in bed longer than make a sandwich. Make it the night before, lazy bum.

5. See more of friends.
Stop being a hermit, spend time with your friends. I have made some new friends as well. I will also see them more. I will spend all the time with all the friends and be a social butterfly.

6. Blog at least once a week.
Not 4 in one week, none fore 3 weeks. Consistency. I will be consistent.

These are my resolutions.
I will let you know in a few months if I have succeeded. Wish me luck. Well only a little bit, because lets face it- these are the easiest resolutions ever.

Till next time-
Em x

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2014 Colour of the Year.

As we have now sailed into 2014, Pantone has announced the ‘2014 Colour of the Year”- Radiant Orchid 18-3224. I absolutely LOVE this hue, I am extremely excited!

Pantone is a colour system used in an abundance of occupations as a guide to match/use colour. As a signwriter/graphic designer by day, beauty guru by night- it is a tool I use in both. Pantone is used in Corporate Style Guides etc to get a unanimous, authentic representation of colour.
Farewell to The colour of the year for 2013 (Emerald 17-5641) and Hello Radiant Orchid!
To welcome in our new tone, I thought I would compile a short list of beauty bits that you can purchase now to be on trend as this shade drops on the world.
After a new lipstick? Why not try NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Never Say Never, Stila Colour Balm Lipstick in Gemma or YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy stain in Pourpre?
For a cheek product try Benefit Lollitint and for Nails try Illamasqua Nail Varnish in Jo mina, Obsess or Grab.
Are there any Radiant Orchid products you love/know of or will be purchasing?
Till next time,
Em x

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A New Year Wedding..

Welcome to 2014!
I hope you had a brilliant NYE and welcomed in 2014 in the best possible way!

I had quite an unconventional, yet extremely romantic transition into the new year- at a wedding on a gorgeous vineyard estate. My countdown into 2014 was a New Years kiss, under strings of fairy lights- slightly blocking the night sky, surrounded by friends and family.

I really love weddings. They are a great opportunity to catch up with friends and loved ones, maybe partake in a few two many champagnes and dance the night away- I could not think of a better way to say goodbye to 2013.

My preparation began the night before with a scrub, Protein hair mask, thick body butter, a face mask, an early night and a lot of water. This is just as important as your outfit or your makeup- you want to be beautiful from the inside out.

I had a selection of dresses to choose from on the day. I am a notorious serial changer so taking a few options I know look nice is always a staple for me.

 After a few flutes of Moet and a few silly selfies (see above) it was time to get ready. As I wasn’t sure which dress I would be wearing, I chose to make my lip the main focus of my makeup look (colour choice depending on dress choice, obviously).

I wanted a base that had decent coverage but wouldn’t make me look too ‘over done’ so I went with my CHANEL Mat Lumiere foundation with NARS radiant creamy concealer to highlight under my eyes. I then used ELF HD undereye setting powder to set my concealer and MAC studio fix pressed powder to set the rest of my face. MAC mineralize blush in dainty was my choice for cheeks, followed by a sweeping of Body Shop Bronzer in light across my forehead. My cheeks were slightly contoured with the Napoleon Perdis Couture Contour palette and I highlighted with MAC soft and gentle. My brows were filled in with my Hourglass Arch Brow pencil in Blonde and set with Anastasia clear brow gel.

I used three of the four shades from my Arbonne Heart of Gold palette for my eye look. After prepping with Maybelline 24h colour tattoo in Barely Branded, I popped the shade Peace (white) all over my lid. The shade Warmth (bronze) was popped in my crease and the shade Love (plum) was placed in my outer “V” area. I then applied NYX wonderpencil in Light to my waterline and Maybelline Hyperglossy liquid liner in a Cat-eye shape to my upper lash line. The look was then finished off with YSL Mascara volume and a pair of Cherry Blossom lashes in #13.

After deciding the floral A-wear dress I had recently purchased from ASOS was the outfit for the occasion I lined my lips with the NYX Wonderpencil mentioned above and filled in with my chosen lipstick, Makeup Geek in the shade Fearless- a gorgeous dark Pink/Plum shade. A spray of my perfume (Florabotanica by Balenciaga) and a quick orbit around my head by my curling wand and I was ready to go.

The location was a  spacious vineyard estate nestled in the hills of Perth.  A perfect space for a summer wedding.

My gorgeous Sister-in-law Belinda was Maid of Honour. After waiting in anticipation the beautiful Bride arrived, guided down the aisle by the Grooms Nephew.

 The happy Mr & Mrs!

After the formalities, everyone eased seamlessly into party mode. Especially my table it seems!

I was the lucky lady who won the Brides Bouquet! Which then subjected my poor Partner to a night of ruthless interrogation as to when he would be proposing.(sorry honey!)

The stunning bunch is now proudly displayed on my hall table. A great night! My new years day wasn’t even burdened with a hangover! I have the feeling 2014 will be a great year.

What did you get up to for NYE?

Until next time,

Em x

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