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Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes.

For a very long time I steered clear of the Winged eyeliner trend. Purely for the fact that my eyes are quite hooded (painfully annoying sometimes) and a thick, black line above my eye seemed to really emphasis that point. I love the look of winged liner and the fact that it did not suit me used to really bother me. So I decided to find a way of creating a wing that doesn’t make my eyes look like I haven’t slept for three weeks.

After lots of practice I have compiled a list of tricks for my fellow Hooded eyed pals.

Quick overview-

– Use a liquid or gel liner rather than a felt-tipped product. Felt tips and pen products drag across the soft skin of a hooded eye, creating an uneven, bumpy line. The more liquid the product- the easier it will be to apply.

– start the line a centimetre back from the inner corner of the eye. that way you still have some of your eyelid showing.

– accentuate the inner corner and lid with a light, shimmery eyeshadow.

– keep the line thin and close to the lashline until you reach the outer third of your eye.

– place the outer edge of your flick with your eye open, looking into a mirror head on. That way you will know where the flick will sit when your eyes are open.


To see all these tips in practice, Check out my video tutorial Here



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How to get the best from your Tresses between Salon visits.



We all know that visiting the salon for us ladies can be an expensive venture. Cut, Colour, Treatments etc rack up the dollars and lets face it, we all put off that visit a few extra weeks in dread of the attached price tag.

I am here to help! As the daughter of a very experienced ex-Hairdresser, I have been taught a thing or two about extending the period between salon trips.

1. Limit the hot tool use.

Give your hair a break, using straighteners/curlers/hairdryers everyday is like standing out in the sun for hours without a glass of water. They are going to get parched, dry and unruly. If you work in a profession where you have to have polished hair everyday, give you hair a break on the weekends. Tie it up in a bun once or twice a week. I work in a workshop for my day job, so I am guilty of wearing a bun more than my hair down majority of the time. I like to think my hair thanks me for it.

2. Treat, Treat, Treat.

Moisturise those ends, girl. Invest in a intense treatment and apply once or twice a week. Fork out a few extra dollars for one you know is going to work. It will last you a long time. Alternatively, apply coconut oil to your ends and leave overnight. I even use a split-end leave in treatment in addition to my deep treatments, applied to my ends after a wash.

3. invest in a Hair oil.

I am obsessed with hair oils. They are lightweight and are perfect for application before hot tool use. Try to steer clear of a silicone based oil (Moroccanoil for example) as they coat the hair rather than penetrating the follicle. But then again, if that is what works for you- go for it.

4. Heat protect.

Use a heat protect spray. You wouldn’t apply an iron to your bare skin. Don’t do it to your hair.

5. Dye your roots (only if you are confident enough).

As I said before, I have a hairdresser for a mother. Which is extremely handy. I know enough from her to touch up my roots on my own. I wouldn’t recommend doing this unless you had complete faith in yourself or someone to do it for you.

6. Invest in a good hairbrush.

I am in love with my TangleTeezer. It is unnatural. In all seriousness, invest in a good brush that wont tear your hair out as you brush.

These have been my go to tips for extending my 6 week salon period to 10 or 12 weeks. Saying that, I am on my 10th week, lucky I have an appointment next week! ( and I am getting extensions, excite much.)

Till next time- Em x


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The best exfoliator in the universe

May very well be sitting in your cupboard.

For years I have been fighting a losing battle with finding my perfect exfoliating product. Either I find one too grainy that is like a cheese grater on my skin, or one too fine that it isn’t even worth my time.

I had been mucking around on Pinterest (as I do in majority of my spare time- I know I am not alone..) and I spotted a post on using organic raw sugar as an exfoliator. The first thing I thought was- man, I don’t own organic sugar. I don’t own organic anything, I have to go to coles. Second thought was – why does organic matter anyway and third thought was OH MY GOSH WHERE HAS THIS MARVELOUS IDEA BEEN ALL MY LIFE.


I even use this to exfoliate my face. my painfully uncooperative face. I have never used anything that gets rid of my dead skin quite like this. and it is cheap.

I have been having a drying problem on my face from using an extreme acne treatment to clear up a skin reaction I had to a cleanser (if you watch my YouTube channel, I have been complaining about this for weeks.) and this has been the only thing to get rid of the flaky.

My limbs are also supermodel smooth.

I am in love.

Have you ever tried an at home beauty treatment that has worked miracles?


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Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

I am a big lover of neutral eye shadows. I have quite hooded eyes so neutral eyeshadows are perfect for contouring my eyes to make them more open and defined.

For a very long time, my go-to neutral eye palette has been the LORAC Pro Palette. The perfect neutral palette it had a stark white to a jet black and all the colours on the spectrum in between.


I think I have found a new love. the beauty above is The Full Exposure palette. It has a few gorgeous highlight shades and a jet black on par with the Lorac pro. The Palette is so diverse, it would be the perfect palette for traveling, as so many looks could be created from the shades.


All of the eyeshadows have gorgeous colour pay off. They are extremely pigmented, buttery and easy to blend. Even the brush included is worth a mention. A duo-fibre flat shader on one end and a crease brush on the other end, again- perfect for traveling.

The only thing I could fault is the fact that the eyeshadow shades themselves have no names. Only numbers. For some reason I prefer to have a name to use for what shade I am using. Especially in Tutorials. Saying that you are using a shade called ‘half baked’ is a lot more interesting then saying you are using shade ‘S2’.

Do you have a favourite eyeshadow palette?




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