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Three Designer Products worth the Money.

It can be a bit daunting purchasing a designer name Makeup product. Forking out a ridiculous amount of money for something you can get at the chemist for half the price can seem outrageous. Especially in Australia, where you basically need to sell your first-born to pick up a bottle of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation.

I have always spent a pretty penny on makeup. So after purchasing high end brands such as NARS and Lancome for years, the step up to the likes of CHANEL, YSL and Dior came relatively easy to me.

Through all my perusing, I have discovered three products which I will always now, repurchase. It is very rare for me to find something I like enough to repurchase as running a beauty blog means you are always buying and trying new things.


The first product is a CHANEL foundation called Vitalumiere Aqua. It is a watery, dewy/satin finish that is very lightweight but can be built to a medium coverage. As a girl who normally likes to stay on the Matte side of the spectrum, this was out of left field for me. I really like the way it sits on my skin. I have been suffering from quite bad acne and scarring as of late, so it hasn’t been my go to of the moment, but once my skin is back to its normal self it will be all back on that face. You know what I’m sayin.

The second product is a mascara. First picked up on a trip to the US, Dior Diorshow mascara has become a mascara draw staple. On my first trip to Sephora, where makeup is half the price of what it is in Australia, I was excited to find that Dior mascara was cheaper than MAC and even L’Oreal back home. So naturally, i left with a basketful of products. Diorshow was one of them. This baby works wonders for my lashes. Volume and length without clumpy-ness and flaking after hours of wear. It is still my fallback lash weapon of choice.

The final designer staple in my collection is YSL Touche Eclat in #2. A highlighting concealer, it is perfect for making the skin ultra radiant. I like to apply this in a triangle shape under my eyes and up my cheekbones, on my cupids bow and forehead for that ‘Kim Kardashian’ highlight. As a girl on the pale side, this type of highlight can be difficult to achieve with concealer alone. So a product such as the Touche Eclat is brilliant.

One thing I recommend with Designer products is try before you buy. You are spending a lot of money on these items- get matched, check that you like the way it looks and the consistency. There is nothing worse than spending a lot of money on something and then getting home and absolutely hating it.

Till next time-

Em x



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Fragrance Wars- Florabotanica vs. Rosabotanica



One of my holy grail fragrances, the one i pop on if I am not sure is Florabotanica by Balenciaga. Discovering this scent due to my Mother, (After catching a whiff as she breezed passed me, I demanded she reveal to me what the heavenly smell was) I have been completely infatuated. Owning the Parfum, body cream and travel-size bottle, you could say we are pretty serious.

I will always receive a compliment wearing Florabotanica. It is fresh and summery, light and refreshing. Completely floral and girly, it lives up to the name. It is a fragrance you can just pop on without hesitation, without having to worry about occasion or season. The bottle in itself is a perfect design piece, however un-floral the design.

So naturally, when Rosabotanica was announced, a successor to my beloved. Completely judging a book by its cover, it had to be mine. I was gifted a bottle for my Birthday this year, by my Mother- who naturally picked up a bottle for herself (what can I say, great minds think alike). A few weeks after its launch nevertheless.

I do like the scent, it is actually growing on me more and more as we progress into the colder months. It is quite heavier than its counterpart. Spicy and sexy, but still floral enough to wear during the day. I feel like this scent is an acquired taste and not as ‘rose’ as the name suggests. I would definitely recommend testing this scent before purchasing, it was pure luck that I now enjoy it, i was unsure at first smell.

All in all I still, most surely prefer Florabotanica. I have only ever classed three perfumes in my ‘signature’ scents. Florabotanica, Marc Jacobs-Daisy and Chanel-Chance. I dont think Rosabotanica will ever get there.

There is one thing I do know, when the next scent in this line is released- I will be front and centre.

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I’ve gone Batty for Balms.



Its true. I have fallen head over heels.

Honestly, what is there not to love about a balm stain. Longevity, great colour pay-off and Build-ability. Pretty much everything a busy girl wants in a lip colour. Not having to worry about touching up a bright lip is one of the most refreshing and liberating feelings for me (sad, maybe?) I feel like my inner child is also accommodated for with such a lip product. Essentially I am drawing on my face with a giant crayon.

The original, and still the best in my opinion is the Balm Stain. Long wearing and easy, a balm stain is the lip colour you can pop on and not have to give a second thought. A couple of layers and you have a nice glossy finish, or apply a small amount and smudge with your fingertip for a sheer flush of colour. A balm stain can also double for a cream blush at a pinch, making it the perfect handbag essential.

Recently, Revlon has launched two new balms to their range. The Matte Balm and the Lacquer Balm. Pretty much every beauty guru and their dog went bananas over this launch, and we here in Australia (yay for getting everything months behind!!) have just been able to get our hands on them. I have to say I prefer the Matte formulation over the Lacquer, purely based on longevity.  I found the lacquer has a tendency to lose colour in the centre of the lips after a few hours of general wear. The matte formula has the staying power of a fly on a hot Summers Day. It isn’t gonna budge for anything.

I have to admit, I have only tried a handful of brands who have produced a balm lip product, who makes your Favourite Balm?


(L_R) Lacquer, Matte, Stain.


Till next time,

Em x

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Irrational things about other Women that make me jealous.

We all do it. We are all guilty of being slightly jealous of other women. It is a pretty natural part of being a Woman.

It was not until today, when I actually gave thought to it that i realised- most of the things that make me jealous of other women are ridiculous.


Think about it. I mean really think about it. You will understand what I mean.

To help with the process, I will list below some of the irrational things about other women that make me jealous. I hope you find it as bizarre/ humorous as I did.

– Long nail beds. My nails look like little circles. Long nail beds look so much better.

– Slim Shins. My calves look like i squat 400kg with ease.

– Hands that look dainty while holding cutlery.

– Thick hair (on they head, obvs.)

– Clean, crease less clothing. I manage to spill something on myself everyday.

– Straight eyebrows- a la Brooke Shields.

– Shiny, Pantene hair.

– Women who can pull off shirts tucked in with belts. I look like a Lumberjack.

– Women who can wear white pants. Again, Spilling something on myself is a daily issue.

– Neat handwriting.


What makes you irrationally jealous of someone?


Em x



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