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Blush dupe- The Subtle Peach glow.

So, first and foremost. I need to apologise for neglecting my little blog (also my YouTube channel) a recent personal issue has left me neither in the mindset nor the situation (lack of wifi, it huuuurts) to post regularly. However, I’m back. I will try to be more regular in my postings from now on.

Now that is out of the way. Dupes. I love a good dupe. It’s like finding an authentic designer at the op shop- paying less for something high end. I often find that I prefer the dupe in majority of the cases (my pocket thanks me).

My favourite dupe is probably no surprise to a fellow cosmetics hoarder. When Hourglass first announced the Ambient Lighting Blush (a hybrid of their cult Ambient Lighting Powders and a powder blusher) the beauty universe lost their marbles. I was front and centre to pick one up apron release. I want disappointed. To play on the safe side of the tracks I picked up the shade “dim infusion” a mix of the dim light powder and a peach shade blush. You can never go wrong with a peach shade blush. It’s like buying a croissant, it’s always gonna be good. A subtle glow with a wash of peach. The perfect go-to shade. However at a hefty $50AUD was it worth the pennies?

I had heard mention of the makeup brand Milani around many a blog for a while now. Mostly talk of the blush in shade “Luminoso” dubbed “the perfect peach”. Even the cream of the crop were raving. A few miles behind the bandwagon (story of my life) I only recently purchased this beauty. I wish I had of sooner. It really is beautiful and subtle, leaving a healthy glow to the skin.

Luminoso is the perfect dupe for Dim infusion. If paying the equivalent of 10 grande coffees for a blush doesn’t appeal to you, give Luminoso a go. You won’t be disappointed with either. At a pinch I do actually prefer the cheaper option. With slightly more colour pay off and a $8AUD price tag- you cannot go wrong.

hourglass cosmetics are available online or in store at Mecca Cosmetica and Milani cosmetics are available for purchase in Australia from or

Till next time,
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