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An “Extra-Ordinary” Weekend.

Weekend just gone I took the epically long drive to Perth, to see my sister Sophie perform in a musical “Extra Ordinary People”. Based around a group of concerned citizens who protest the effects of Superheros on their city.

It was the first time in my 8 years of having a license that I drove by myself. For someone who has an irrational fear of driving in Capital Cities, I found I was rather composed. Tick that off the bucket list.

I arrived in Perth at about Midday and was promptly whisked off to Little Creatures Brewery for Lunch with Soph’s cast-mates.


Sophie and I


Pipsqueak Cider and a demolished bowl of frits.

After lunch we headed back home and got ready to go to the Theatre. As I had made the trip by myself, the Director, Scott allowed me backstage until the show started. Of course, I couldn’t help but take a few snaps.

Much Drama Nerd.


Getting a mic fitted


It wouldn’t be my blog without something beauty related.

IMG_1062 IMG_1067 IMG_1071 IMG_1074

The show was exceptionally entertaining and funny. There was not one character I felt was unauthentic or not played to perfection. The chorus was incredibly strong, something that most people tend to overlook, but is one of the most integral parts of a successful Musical. The set was simplistic, yet effective and the songs were perfectly tailored. Director Scott McArdle should be commended on delivering an engaging show. Especially for the fact he not only directed, but wrote and lyrically scored the entire thing. Extremely exceptional.

Sophie was brilliant. She has an exceptional singing voice, it is very unique. Her character, Frankie, was an emotional catalyst for the entire show and she played her perfectly. I was so incredibly proud.

I then drove the long road back home the following day, having to be back for a rehearsal for my own show, that opens this weekend. The trip was made a lot easier by finding my old iPod, which I managed to charge up and listened to the entire way back. All the nostalgia.

What did you get up to over the Weekend?


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It’s 11.30pm.

This is going to be a bit of a different post. It’s 11.30pm and for some reason I am still awake. Not that being awake at 11.30pm is particularly unusual, it is just one of those days I can’t switch my brain off.

I’m trying to think what the reason is for not being able to sleep. I’m going through a hard phase. I have had two family members quite ill in the last few weeks and have also split from my partner of 5 years. The thing is, I don’t think that is what is keeping me awake this Monday evening.

This is a blog based around beauty. I write about making yourself feel beautiful on the outside, maybe it’s time I write about feeling beautiful on the inside too.

The thing is I don’t feel beautiful on the inside. I don’t feel a lot of anything. I think sometimes it is a lot easier to feel beautiful on the outside over inner beauty. It’s a hard thing to be completely comfortable with yourself and to love yourself. I know that I have struggled with it for a long time.

I think I have spent a lot of time living my life to please other people. I know I let myself be miserable because it was easier to do that then to face the reality that everything around me wasn’t working. I sometimes had a reoccurring nightmare that I was in a tube like maze that I couldn’t find my way out of. There was barely enough space to move and I felt like I was suffocating. I have only recently realised what that must of meant.

You can’t live life for anyone but yourself. You have to be selfish. You are important. Most important. I think when you exhaust so much of your energy to salvage what’s around you, it can suck the beauty out of you. I feel like the beauty in me is gone. Not on purpose, of course. I gave it because I loved the people around me.

Now I have to work on getting that back. Which I think is a whole new challenge on its own.

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A fleeting weekend away.

The weekend just gone was a roller-coaster, to say the least.

After receiving news my Grandmother had a severe, underlying medical issue that needed immediate attention, requiring her to travel to our capital city (600kms away), we were all a little stressed.

My Dad and I also made the long trip. Luckily about an hour out of the city we got the news she was awake and the surgery had gone incredibly well. For a 94 year old woman, she is extremely fit and healthy, not looking a day over 65 with “the heart of a 50 year old, who has lived an easy life” according to the doctor. We then eased up a little and enjoyed the rest of the drive.

The hillside were in full blooms of yellow and purple, littered with grazing sheep and the occasional llama.

apologies on the blurry picture! The best my iPhone could capture at 110km/h!

I chose to wear my Senso boots for the drive, which was probably not the best choice for footwear. It’s ok, whatever discomfort I had was made up by the fact I looked fabulous.


We then stopped at the river in Northam (an hour out from the city) to take our photo, which is a family must when any of us are traveling to Perth.

That squint.

Once we got to Perth we went straight to the hospital. For someone who had gone through a major operation, nanna was in extremely high spirits. Even the following day when we visited before leaving she was chirpy. Apart from all the tubes attached to her, you wouldn’t even know she had an operation!

I will always remember that Nanna said the reason she has lived so long is because she “never let anything get to her” and “spent a lot of time laughing”.
Something I have always tried to live by.

I have a picture of her in ICU, but she would kick my butt if I put it on the internet!

The next day after out hospital visit we set off back on our long drive, but not before I managed to weasel in a trip to spotlight to pick up some millinery supplies! (This week is Race week in our city, so there will be some posts on that later in the week.)

I did also pick up a few Yankee Candles, as I didn’t know we could buy them here in Aus!


How was your weekend?


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Liebster Award

The Liebster award. Essentially a chainmail-esque quiz passed between bloggers to find new, awesome blogs to read. I have seen this before, but I wasn’t entirely sure what it was so I didn’t complete it last time I was tagged.

Luckily, this time I was tagged by a Blogger who happens to be my real-life soul sister Bec from MyBloggableDay.

The idea is you are given a list of questions to complete by the Blogger who tagged you. Once completing the questions you then nominate or ‘tag’ a couple of people who you want to complete the award next. You then provide them with a new list of questions, and then it is repeated by the next person.

So now I actually know what the deal is- lets do this thaang.

These are my answers to Bec’s questions-

1. What’s your most embarrassing memory to date?

Oh god. I seriously don’t think I can pinpoint it to one to be honest. I am notorious for embarrassing myself. I guess i’ll go with the most recent one I can remember. I was house-sitting a house for a month for some of my good friends and moved into the house a day before they left so I could be shown the ropes. Being the first one home from work and having to go out that night I showered before anyone got home. On my walk to my room from the bathroom in a ridiculously well timed event, my friend Dave came home, accompanied by his boss and opened the door just in time to catch me in a towel. I guess it could have been worse- at least I didn’t do a nudie run!

2. If you could be invisible or fly, which would you choose?

Invisible. hands down. I could sneak into places like McDonalds and eat all the cheeseburgers I wanted or into the Freo change rooms for a bit of a lurk. It would satisfy the underlying creeper in me.

3. Would you rather knowingly eat ox tongue or unknowingly eat lambs brain?

Ew Bec, what the hell question is this?! I’d have to go unknowingly Lambs brain. What you don’t know won’t hurt you?

4. If you could live to 1000 years old, would you? Why/why not?

If I could stay young, so like an set age type deal. Probably. I know I would end up hating it though, but curiosity would get the better of me.

5. What’s your favourite annual holiday and why?

I don’t really have a set ‘annual holiday”. I tend to go to Perth a couple of times a year to catch up with Family or to Esperance for a relaxing weekend but nothing is ever set in stone with me!

6. Would you rather walk around with your skirt tucked into your knickers for half a day or walk around with toilet paper stuck to your shoe for an entire day?

Toilet paper. If anyone said anything I would just angrily shout ‘AINT NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING PREPARED’ or something along those lines.

7. Name one item you always have in your fridge?

Milk. Got to have my cawfee.

8. You can only save Beyonce or Taylor Swift, who and why?

Bey. Because she is the Queen.

9. Where is your most favourite destination in the world?

I really loved NYC. I can’t wait to go back.

10. On a scale of 1-10 how annoying have these questions been?

Oh, maybe a 5?

No- 6, you got an extra point for the gross food question. HAA


I Nominate-

Katelynn from Sentimental Stuff.

Grace from HelpMeBeauty

Sarah from Sarah.Loves.Makeup

Jessica McKenna

Your Questions- ( being a beauty based blog nominating other Beauty Blogs, there is going to be some serious beauty questions!)

1. You can only use 3 makeup products on your face- what would they be?

2. What is your favourite Disney Movie?

3. Signature Scent?

4. Ryan Reynolds or Ryan Gosling?

5. If you could choose one beauty guru to do your makeup for a special occasion, who would you choose?

6. How do you like your coffee?

7. If you could move to any city, what would it be?

8. Makeup Mistake you hate seeing people do?

9. What was High School like for you?

10. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?


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Back to the 80’s

My Mum celebrated her 50th Birthday on Saturday night with a fun filled 80’s themed bash. It took her a decent amount of time to decide on a theme for the party and after much deliberation she decided to go with the era of spandex and Wham!

I love themed parties. Creating a costume for a party fills me with so much joy. The 80’s was a foreign theme for me though. Being a 90’s baby I didn’t really know what to dress up as, until my sister Sophie and I had a joint epiphany. The Breakfast club.

For those of you that have been living under a rock, The Breakfast club is an 80’s ‘Coming of Age’ movie which aided in cementing the likes of Molly Ringwald and Judd Nelson as Teen Icons. I have loved the movie forever. It is one of my favourites, so dressing up as one of the characters was pretty exciting.

My sister naturally wanted to dress up as  Allison or “The Basket Case”, she was the natural choice, her hair is dark and we kept joking that she wouldn’t have to dress too far out of her regular wardrobe. This left me as the character Claire, “the Princess”, which we joked wasn’t too hard for me to achieve either. We then slotted our boyfriends into the roles of our characters love interests. Sophie’s boyfriend Rhys was Andrew or “the Jock” and my boyfriend Tristan donned the infamous costume of John Bender “the Criminal” (not going to lie, was pretty exciting for me, I blame Judd Nelson in this film for my excessive attraction to hobo-ish looking men)

We naturally had to recreate the “effortlessly cool, leaning against the lockers’ picture on my Dads fence.


We were missing the fifth member of the group- ‘the Brain’ Brian, until I asked my Cousin, Ashley to join us a few days before. So, we obviously had to recreate the photo again at the party.


To create my Molly look I curled my hair and pinned it up underneath to create a bob. I even drew on freckles!

The birthday girl was completely decked out in her 80’s best.

Mum and Mick (the wig is FABOLOS)




We danced all night to some sweet 80’s tunes.

Did you go to a themed party this weekend? What did you dress up as?

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So you are feeling a tad ill…

For the last couple of days I have been suffering from a nice flu. Rocking a super sensual man-voice and nasal passages so blocked I can barely breathe, its been crappy lovely. In an effort to recuperate and not continuously wallow in my own self pity ( Lets face it, we all revert back to 5 years old when ill.) I decided to dip into my bag of tricks for making myself feel better and I thought I would share some of them with you.

1. Rest.

This one is just common sense, really. Your body is fighting off a virus so our parents were right in making us stay in bed. I am lucky in the fact that I work during the day for my family Business and my dad is a super germ-a-phobe. Therefor, I am quarantined and ordered home to recover.

2. Keep up fluids.

Another pulled from the mum cabinet. This is very important. Even if you can’t stomach water, drink tea or anything else you can bring yourself to swallow.

That sounds slightly dirty. Moving on.

3. Medicate.

Have some painkillers. If you have a sore throat, use an anti-inflammatory spray. I have never been one to ride something out. I’m all about elevating as much pain as possible.

Now that I have covered all the essential tips, here are some personal tips I do when I am feeling less than mediocre.

4. make a smoothie.

Chuck as many healthy things in as you wish. I find it much easier to down a smoothie over a meal when I am feeling sick. My favourite is a mix of berries, Banana, spinach, Coconut milk, Almond milk, Greek yogurt, Honey and a splash of store bought green juice.

5. Yet, eat a Big Mac if you feel like it.

I tend to stop eating when I am sick, but I also have weird cravings. Which can lead to my Boyfriend getting me weird things at odd times. I think if you are feeling like a big mac, your damn body obviously needs it (contradictory somewhat to the smoothie tip, but hey -the heart wants what the heart wants.)

6. Cuddle a pet.

I have 4 rescue cats and for some reason, they know when I am sick. It doesn’t matter if I am in bed or on the couch I will have at least 2 of them laying with me at all times. It is like a furry hot water bottle, you really cannot fault a good animal hug.

7. Take a long shower.

When I am sick the only place I feel somewhat human is in the shower. I dont know if I am part mermaid (I wish, I am a Pisces!) but the water seems to rejuvenate me. Spend as long as you need in there, or until the hot water runs out.

8. Apply a face mask.

You are probably thinking, ‘What? That’s the last thing I feel like doing” but I tell you now, it will make you feel better. Why not get a product like the Biore 1 minute self heating Charcoal mask. I apply this while I am in the shower and have the energy to do so.

9. Watch a few good movies.

Disney movies or whatever will make you feel better. I have been loving watching the Disney Movie channel on Foxtel. I have also watched a few Brat-Pack 80’s movies such as St Elmo’s Fire and the Breakfast club. Oh that Judd Nelson, #babe.

10. Keep the makeup to a minimum.

If you have to leave the house while sick, keep things simple. I know I barely have the energy to put on pants while sick, let alone a face full of makeup. Maybe just try a tinted moisturizer, mascara and a cream blush.

What is your Feel better Remedy when Ill?



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Lets help fix that Hangover face.

Parched, head pounding and trying to work up the courage to move from the cocoon of regret and self pity. We all know what that means- you are all kinds of hungover. We have all been there, partying that little too far the evening before and no matter how much you think that kebab at 3am helped, you are probably going to look worse for wear the next day.

This was me in a nutshell Sunday morning. After a marvelous evening including a dinner party and a night out on the town. Which regrettably did involve mixing a few too many types of alcohol and not getting off to sleep until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Needless to say- the better half of the next day was spent with two good friends (in a similar state of hungover) on the couch eating take away breakfast and watching How I Met Your Mother.

Sometimes we have the luxury of not needing to be semi-alive and presentable for an event whilst hungover and the day can be spent in a onesie, hidden away from the world. Unfortunately, I was not in this position. I was expected to be at a dinner for my Grandfathers Birthday. Now, to avoid the lecturing that normally accompanies being hungover in the presence of my relatives. I needed to look human, stat.


Firstly I dragged myself into the shower and gave myself a good scrubbing. Soap and Glory ‘The Scrub of Your Life’ exfoliating body scrub was my weapon of choice, bringing a bit of glow back into my limbs.

Following that, something serious needed to be addressed. That something serious was my face. I took to it with my GlamGlow Supermud Clearing mask to suck out any imperfections and popped on a little Origins GinZing eye cream. On went a little of my Lumi Magique base to brighten up my complexion, a tinted moisturiser and masked the bags I had packed under my eyes with my NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla. To finish of the look I popped on some mascara and cream blush. Lastly, I  ran a flesh toned pencil (NYX wonderpencil in Light) in my waterline to brighten up my eyes.

Presto, I was back to looking like myself. My family was none the wiser.

Ok, they totally cottoned onto the fact. Probably because I had as much personality as a damp cloth. But hey, at least I looked acceptable. Nailed it.

Till next time,

Em x


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