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OOTD: Race Week- Hannan’s handicap

Every year in my town we have a week of watching horses run around a track, fashion, gambling, drinking and socializing. Commonly known here as Race round.

This week begins on a Sunday with the Boulder Cup. However I missed this l
day due to my weekend away (see previous post). The next event is a cocktail party, which I regrettably did not get any pictures of! #emilyfail. However you can read all about it here on my lovely friend Bec’s blog.

What followed the next day (apart from my ruthless hangover) was my favourite day- Hannans handicap. Commonly known as “Ladies day”, the handicap is held on a Wednesday and majority of the town takes the afternoon off to attend. It also holds the “fashions on the field” event (which I was told numerous times to enter).

Here is a little snap if my outfit-


My dress is from ASOS, heels from Siren and clutch is from Amorni.
The hat I made myself, using some millinery supplies I ordered and some extra fabric I had left over from taking my dress up.
I was actually pretty chuffed when I was nominated for “best headwear on course”, I didn’t win but hey, all good.

I now have to whip up something for the next race day- Kalgoorlie Cup and I feel an unwanted sickness tickle in my throat. Take all the vitamins, stat.



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