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The effortless Smokey Eye.

Lets be honest here, not everyone has the patience and/or the time to create the perfect smokey eye every time they apply their makeup. A flawless smokey eye can sometimes take me 20 minutes when working with many a shadow, liner etc.

Lately I have been loving the shadow sticks. Most major cosmetic companies have a variation. Essentially it is just a cream eyeshadow in stick form.


All it takes to get a flawless smokey eye is 5 minutes. Apply the stick directly to the mobile lid and up to the crease. ( slightly over if you have hooded eyes) Then take a small fluffy blending brush (like a MAC 217) and blend upward slightly towards the brow bone. I then take the blending brush and run under the lower lash line with whatever product is left on the brush to tie the look together.

Sometimes I leave the process there, for a more intense eye I set the cream with a similar shadow and highlight the brow bone/ inner corner. I tend to stick to bronze/brown shades to enhance my blue eyes.







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Latest Obsession: Charlotte Tilbury Cosmetics.

Charlotte Tilbury is a magnificent Celebrity makeup artist who is phenomenal at her job. Definitely on my list of favourite makeup artists, I have been waiting to get my hands on her signature makeup line for a long time. I had settled into the idea that I would have to wait until I travel to the UK, not knowing it was possible to get it sent to Australia. So when I was perusing net-a-porter.com (for a gift for my Mothers Birthday) and understandably I found myself sidetracked looking at the beauty section, I almost wet myself with excitement to find I could get Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics sent to me here in Oz.

I spent ages deciding which products to get, it was a very agonising decision. In the end I went with palette that started my obsession, the Dolce Vita. I was also surprised to find I could get the palette in a set consisting of the Dolce-Vita palette itself, a blusher, mascara, liquid liner, lip liner, lipstick and lip gloss, all tucked in a signature cosmetics pouch.


The packaging is so sleek and glamorous. I almost didn’t want to use them! I am also finding it hard to throw out the boxes in which the products came, they are gorgeous too!

The Dolce-Vita quad is incredibly pigmented and the shadows blend seamlessly. It is also great to have a guide to using them to create the signature eye look on the back of the packaging.

IMG_1018 IMG_1011

I think the blush is my favourite of the set. (Cheek to Chic swish and pop blusher in Ecstasy) The outer section is used on the top of the cheekbones to add structure and the centre colour is purposely for the apples of the cheeks.

IMG_1007 IMG_1008

I have been using the Full Fat Lashes 5 star Mascara daily since i got it. The Feline Flick eyeliner is lovely and thin and gets super close to the lash-line.

The Perfect nude pink lip is achieved with the Lip Cheat lipliner in Pillow Talk, the K.I.S.S.I.N.G lipstick in Penelope Pink and the Lip Lustre in seduction.


Apologies on how bad my skin looks in this picture! Having a skin freak-out at the mo.

I am really loving every product I got. The makeup bag you get if very roomy and super adorable. The price is a little exxy, but completely worth it in my opinion. I am saving my pennies to acquire more!


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The Statement Winged Liner.

One thing I don’t post about often enough is the fact that I love applying Makeup on others. It is one of the most satisfying feelings creating a look on someone else and having them love it as much as you do. It is really rewarding.

I was extremely excited when my gorgeous friend Bec asked me to do her eye makeup for a Gala Dinner. This is dinner was a pretty swanky, thousands of Delegates from major mining companies all congregating at one event. It is a big deal.

I was not only excited by the fact she asked me, but the fact she wanted to make her eyes the staple of the makeup look. This might not sound like a huge deal, but Bec is a total bright lipstick babe. It was a complete step out of her comfort zone to go with a bold eye and nude lip. The brief I got was “dramatic wing” and I didn’t plan on disappointing. We were also on a time limit, being a Wednesday night.

I started off by priming the eye with Smashbox Photofinish Lid Primer and applying some tape to the outer edge of the eye (using the outer corner of the eye and the tail of the brow as a guideline). I then applied Makeup Geek Vanilla Bean eyeshadow over the entire lid as a base colour. I then applied Makeup Geek Peach Smoothie into the crease as a transition colour on a Sigma E40 blending brush.

I then used the Smashbox Full Exposure palette to deepen the crease. First I applied M5 into the crease with an E25 Blending Brush. I then followed that by applying M6 into the crease on a Sigma E45 Tapered blending brush. I then went back in with the E40 brush I used initially to blend out any harsh lines.

I then sprayed my E55 brush with a little Fix+ and applied Loreal Infaillible pressed eyeshadow in 002 Hourglass Beige onto the lid area meeting up to the crease. I then went back in with my E45 and buffed the lid colour into the crease.

I then took my Revlon Colourstay Liquid liner in Blackest Black and created a dramatic wing and popped some Makeup Geek shadow in Corrupt on top for intensity. I then removed the tape and popped a mix of M5 & M6 from the Full exposure palette on the lower lash line to tie the look together. We then applied a few generous coats of mascara to the upper and lower lashes and finished the look off with a set of half false lashes in the outer corner.

Lipstick- MAC Hug me.


*excuse the wet lash glue*


The uber gorgeous Bec & Bec




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Lets talk contour.

Contouring is the perfect way to give the face structure and dimension when applying makeup. Blanking out your face with foundation and concealer can diminish the natural hollows of the face, this is where adding colour back in is most important, to avoid looking ghostly and washed out. Contouring is the method of darkening the points of your face that would be shaded if you were in direct sunlight. On most faces these points include the temples of the forehead, under the cheekbones (hollows of the cheek if you were pulling a pouty face), under the jaw line and either side of the nose.

Contouring can be achieved with both cream and powder products. For a more subtle contour, I would go with a cream product. Some companies have stick contour colours, but for a beginner I would go with a stick foundation a few shades deeper than your natural skin tone, such as the Maybelline FitMe stick foundation.

I personally prefer to contour with powder products. If I am aiming for subtle dimension I will go with a pressed powder a few shades darker than my skin tone. In summer, I like to use a light matte bronzer. It is always important to use a matte powder, we are trying to essentially hide parts of the face, using a shimmery colour would attract attention to that area. I would keep the shimmer for highlighting.

When creating a dramatic look I love using cool toned, ashy contour colours. I find that they seem to suit my fair skin and dont make me look like I have a muddy streak down the side of my face. I have really been loving the NARS contour palette in Olympia and as a cheaper alternative, I do love using NYX blush in Taupe. If I am absolutely going to town on my makeup, I do also like to use a grey/purple eyeshadow to contour, such as Tease from the Naked2 palette or Makeup Geek’s “unexpected’ eyeshadow.

My golden rule with contouring is build the colour. If you go in with a brush loaded with product, it is going to make the blending process a lot harder. I would also recommend investing in a good contour brush if you can. I love my Real Techniques contour brush, it is relatively inexpensive and gets right into the hollows of the face. A fluffy eyeshadow brush can also be used for a strong contour. If you are looking for super definition, try holding a business card just under the cheekbone to get that crisp line and then blend out from there. Another thing to keep in mind when blending is always blend in an upwards direction. Never bring the colour down towards the chin, this will make the face look sunken and drag the face down.IMG_0878



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Lets help fix that Hangover face.

Parched, head pounding and trying to work up the courage to move from the cocoon of regret and self pity. We all know what that means- you are all kinds of hungover. We have all been there, partying that little too far the evening before and no matter how much you think that kebab at 3am helped, you are probably going to look worse for wear the next day.

This was me in a nutshell Sunday morning. After a marvelous evening including a dinner party and a night out on the town. Which regrettably did involve mixing a few too many types of alcohol and not getting off to sleep until the wee hours of Sunday morning. Needless to say- the better half of the next day was spent with two good friends (in a similar state of hungover) on the couch eating take away breakfast and watching How I Met Your Mother.

Sometimes we have the luxury of not needing to be semi-alive and presentable for an event whilst hungover and the day can be spent in a onesie, hidden away from the world. Unfortunately, I was not in this position. I was expected to be at a dinner for my Grandfathers Birthday. Now, to avoid the lecturing that normally accompanies being hungover in the presence of my relatives. I needed to look human, stat.


Firstly I dragged myself into the shower and gave myself a good scrubbing. Soap and Glory ‘The Scrub of Your Life’ exfoliating body scrub was my weapon of choice, bringing a bit of glow back into my limbs.

Following that, something serious needed to be addressed. That something serious was my face. I took to it with my GlamGlow Supermud Clearing mask to suck out any imperfections and popped on a little Origins GinZing eye cream. On went a little of my Lumi Magique base to brighten up my complexion, a tinted moisturiser and masked the bags I had packed under my eyes with my NARS Radiant creamy concealer in Vanilla. To finish of the look I popped on some mascara and cream blush. Lastly, I  ran a flesh toned pencil (NYX wonderpencil in Light) in my waterline to brighten up my eyes.

Presto, I was back to looking like myself. My family was none the wiser.

Ok, they totally cottoned onto the fact. Probably because I had as much personality as a damp cloth. But hey, at least I looked acceptable. Nailed it.

Till next time,

Em x


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Winged Eyeliner for Hooded Eyes.

For a very long time I steered clear of the Winged eyeliner trend. Purely for the fact that my eyes are quite hooded (painfully annoying sometimes) and a thick, black line above my eye seemed to really emphasis that point. I love the look of winged liner and the fact that it did not suit me used to really bother me. So I decided to find a way of creating a wing that doesn’t make my eyes look like I haven’t slept for three weeks.

After lots of practice I have compiled a list of tricks for my fellow Hooded eyed pals.

Quick overview-

– Use a liquid or gel liner rather than a felt-tipped product. Felt tips and pen products drag across the soft skin of a hooded eye, creating an uneven, bumpy line. The more liquid the product- the easier it will be to apply.

– start the line a centimetre back from the inner corner of the eye. that way you still have some of your eyelid showing.

– accentuate the inner corner and lid with a light, shimmery eyeshadow.

– keep the line thin and close to the lashline until you reach the outer third of your eye.

– place the outer edge of your flick with your eye open, looking into a mirror head on. That way you will know where the flick will sit when your eyes are open.


To see all these tips in practice, Check out my video tutorial Here



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Today’s face #4

Today’s face was all about longevity. Spending over 12 hours in the car, I would need products that I know would last on my face for not only that long, but last well without separating on my face. A touch up of powder was needed only once, so it held up well!


Clinique stay matte oil free makeup.
Maybelline age rewind concealer.
Elf blush in peach
Body shop honey bronze bronzer in light
Cover girl lipperfection crayon
Cover girl lash blast volume mascara in brown
Anastasia brow wiz in ash blonde

This is my dad, sister and I.
Family road trip!

Till next time-
Em x



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Lip & Nail options for Valentines Day.

I am not going to pretend that I am not impressed with a good Nail & lip combo. I dont think that it is too ‘matchy- matchy’ or too much colour. I think it is the way to bring cohesion to a look, without looking over done. I mean really, if a woman can manage to match her nails and lips- she obviously has her life together. I count the days I manage to put on a pair of matching socks as a life-win.

So I thought, in honour of the day celebration love- I would pop together a few combos for you.

The ‘Barely- There’ Pink.

The most demure of the combinations. Perfect for a low key movie date or get together with friends. I have chosen both a Lip and Nail colour that are beautifully sheer in application. On the lips – Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in Pink Lemonade and for the nails go with OPI Nail Lacquer in ‘In the spotlight” pink.Image

The ‘Dusty-rose’ Pink.

For those wanting to go the subtle route with a little extra kick. A pretty, dusty pink is your option. Sexy without being ‘in your face’ this colour would be perfect for a first date or drinks with the girls. On the lips – NARS Lipstick in Dolce Vita and on the Nails – Essie Fun in the Gondola.


The Candy Pink

The cute and sweet option. A bold colour without going too over the top. The perfect hue for a dinner date. On the Lips- Maxfactor Lipstick in Magenta Divine and on the nails- Opallac UV Colour in Cosmolicious.


The Coral.

For those wanting to break the theme. A pinky orange is the perfect hue for those who dont play into the whole ‘Valentines day’ thing, or simply just dont want to wear pink or red. A colour for those wanting to be different. On the lips –Maybelline Coloursensational Lip colour in Coral Crush and on the nails- Essie Come here!


The Classic Red.

Completely classic and effortlessly sexy, the Red lip is the perfect shade for making a statement this Valentines Day or wanting to feel like a damn sex goddess. As you would know from watching my videos or reading this blog frequently, It is no lie I love a red lip. On the lips- Estee Lauder Double Wear Lipstick in Stay Scarlett (of course.) and on the nails – Essie A-list



Oh and I almost forgot-

The ‘ none of these appeal to me’ colour.

Ok, Fussy- pants. What about Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate Lipstick in 106 Rosetto. This hard to explain, Bright- yet deep pink is the choice for you.


I hope you all enjoyed this post and I hope you have a great Valentines Day! I will be spending mine on the couch with my Boyfriend, a Pizza, a Movie and a few Beers.

What are you doing for Valentines Day?

Till next time-

Em x


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Today’s Face #3

Hi there my Lovelies!

This weekend was super chilled- mostly consisted of a no makeup face. However on Saturday morning I had a few errands to run and I went out for breakfast with my boyfriend. I also attended a Play on Saturday Night called Midsomer. For that I just touched up and added NARS Velvet Lip Pencil in Damned to my makeup.


Tarte 12 hour Amazonian Clay Foundation in Ivory
MAC Pro Longwear Concealer in NW20
NARS Blush in Liberte
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Soft and Gentile
Makeup Geek Eyeshadow in Frappe and Shimma Shimma
Bareminerals concealer in Well Rested
Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil in Blonde
Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara
Hourglass Femme Nude #3


How was your weekend?

Till next time-

Em x

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