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OOTD- Kalgoorlie Cup.

Saturday just gone hosted the Kalgoorlie cup- the biggest and last event of our yearly race round.

Although Hannan’s Handicap hosts the fashions on the field, I feel Kalgoorlie cup is the event where people pull out the edgier outfit. Well, I know that is what I did.

Again, I dropped the ball and didn’t take as many photos as I wished I had. Therefor, I have scrounged together a few snaps from other people (sorry Bec!) to compile this post.


My dress is ASOS Salon, the headpiece I made myself with some silk abaca and some Lady Amherst feathers. I also added some beading using the extra beads/sequins that came with my dress (the lower half was headed around the flowers). My shoes were Mollini and although, not pictured my bag was Amorni. The champagne pictured is Chandon (FYI) and the lovely lady pictured is my Best Friend Kendal (her outfit was exclusively from Bardot).

I didn’t win any money at all on my bets, to the point where I cut my losses and stopped betting altogether!

After the races we capped off the evening with a few drinks at one of the local pubs. Which was so packed we could barely move. I then went back to a friends and watched Cruel Intentions (an obscure but excellent movie choice)



How was your weekend?

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OOTD: Race Week- Hannan’s handicap

Every year in my town we have a week of watching horses run around a track, fashion, gambling, drinking and socializing. Commonly known here as Race round.

This week begins on a Sunday with the Boulder Cup. However I missed this l
day due to my weekend away (see previous post). The next event is a cocktail party, which I regrettably did not get any pictures of! #emilyfail. However you can read all about it here on my lovely friend Bec’s blog.

What followed the next day (apart from my ruthless hangover) was my favourite day- Hannans handicap. Commonly known as “Ladies day”, the handicap is held on a Wednesday and majority of the town takes the afternoon off to attend. It also holds the “fashions on the field” event (which I was told numerous times to enter).

Here is a little snap if my outfit-


My dress is from ASOS, heels from Siren and clutch is from Amorni.
The hat I made myself, using some millinery supplies I ordered and some extra fabric I had left over from taking my dress up.
I was actually pretty chuffed when I was nominated for “best headwear on course”, I didn’t win but hey, all good.

I now have to whip up something for the next race day- Kalgoorlie Cup and I feel an unwanted sickness tickle in my throat. Take all the vitamins, stat.



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