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The effortless Smokey Eye.

Lets be honest here, not everyone has the patience and/or the time to create the perfect smokey eye every time they apply their makeup. A flawless smokey eye can sometimes take me 20 minutes when working with many a shadow, liner etc.

Lately I have been loving the shadow sticks. Most major cosmetic companies have a variation. Essentially it is just a cream eyeshadow in stick form.


All it takes to get a flawless smokey eye is 5 minutes. Apply the stick directly to the mobile lid and up to the crease. ( slightly over if you have hooded eyes) Then take a small fluffy blending brush (like a MAC 217) and blend upward slightly towards the brow bone. I then take the blending brush and run under the lower lash line with whatever product is left on the brush to tie the look together.

Sometimes I leave the process there, for a more intense eye I set the cream with a similar shadow and highlight the brow bone/ inner corner. I tend to stick to bronze/brown shades to enhance my blue eyes.







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The Friday Review- Rimmel Stay Matte liquid mousse Foundation.

Foundation is my kryptonite. I tend to gravitate towards the bases rather than the eye shadows or the lipsticks. I dont know why, I just always have loved a flawless face over all the other stuff. A flawless face is like a blank canvas and I think that is why I like foundation so much- a great canvas is the key to any masterpiece.

I dont typically look to the drugstore for foundation. I find trying to match my shade in the isles of Priceline uncomfortable and stressful. I much prefer going to a counter or using findation.com (see what this is here). That way there is minimal interaction and stress. Get in, get coloured, get out.

However I had seen much hype floating around the interwebs about the new Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation. It is exactly what it says, a mousse foundation that well- stays matte. It is super blendable and lightweight, which is brilliant for a matte foundation with a medium but buildable coverage. There is a limited colour range (as with most drugstore bases) but the shade I got (ivory) does match me quite well. The colours are quite neutral and due to its blendable consistency it can adapt to the tone of your skin quite well.

I am quite pleased with the durability of this product. I have a ridiculously oily complexion and I still get a wear of about 8 hours out of this bad-boy (acceptable wear- not my face is as patchy as a dalmatian wear). That isĀ  a pretty long lasting product on me. I did get a tad shiny towards the end of that time frame, but hey- that’s nothing a little powder cant fix. Not since I found Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous Foundation have I been as impressed with a drugstore find. It is no CHANEL Mat Lumiere or NARS Sheer Matte, But I do really like it for day to day wear.

Overall I would recommend- especially for girls like me who have a hard time finding a foundation to stay on our faces. Image

Till next time- Em x

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